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Said the Constable eagerly. And is like to live, my lord, answered the man-a favourable crisis so the leeches call it hath taken place in bonwitt inn commack disorder, and they are bonwitt inn commack longer under any apprehensions for his life. Now, God be praised, that hath granted me so much mercy. said the Constable. Amen, amen. replied the Archbishop solemnly. -About what period did this blessed change take place. Scarcely a quarter of an hour since, said the messenger, a soft sleep bonwitt inn commack on the sick youth, like dew upon a parched field in summer-he breathed freely-the burning heat abated-and, as I said, the leeches no longer fear for his life. Marked you the hour, my Lord Constable. said the Bishop, with exultation-Even then you stooped to those counsels which Heaven suggested through the meanest of its servants.
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